Invalid API keys

Hi everyone,
I don’t know if others are facing the same problem.

When I try to live test one of my apps ( even old ones) and I try to log in I get the message that API keys are invalid even if I didn’t touch anything both from the Firebase and Thunkable side.

Any clues on what could be causing this ?

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Hi @wikilinks.infooleua0!

Are you still experiencing this issue?

was this a project copied from another project by any chance?

Hey dom,
yes I’m still experiencing these problems.
yes it was, but i mean it was copied only as a back up.( and i never had this problem before even if I usually made a backup every day)

moreover all my apps are working on the same firebase database

Just wondering if the API keys were removed when to project was copied? Since it was a copy of your own project that seems unlikely.

I’ve also tried to remove them and re insert them but the problem is still there.

The problem occurs only while Live testing on PC ( tried both from mac and windows), the web app and the built app work just fine.

same issue here - any solution yet? Happened for me first after I opened a public app, copied a page from it and then inserted it into my app. Now I get the API error when I sign in, trying to live test from any file from PC. I even set up a new Realtime database with new API, etc. and linked it, but it didn’t help. It does work in the Thunkable Live app, but I hate using that because it’s so glitchy and writes data to the database in an undependable way.