Instability when accessing Firebase with my own API key on Live Test Web

My name is Carlos and I am from a small company in Brazil. I’m starting to use Thunkable to create games and learning apps for my training. First, I would like to say that Thunkable is wonderful. The future of programming. Thank you!

About my problem … In the last few days, and in the meantime yesterday, the my apps have stopped accessing my database in Firebase, using Live Test Web. I also can’t log in to my Firebase project anymore. The return from Firebase is “Your API key is invalid, please check you have copied it correctly”. But when I access from mobile Thunkable Live it works. In fact, it was working until yesterday. I created a small test app to demonstrate the problem.


Web Live Test

Mobile Thunkable Live

In Live Test Web the login fails, but I can save and get the data. It looks like you are accessing the Thunkable database, not my database.

Is it a bug? Will I be able to access my database again on the Live Test Web?

Thank you!!!

You have to check the api and data URL whether it is correct.
I have a problem sth like this but i don’t receive and error, which it should when there’s one.

I checked. The same project (config) has different behaviors when using Web Live Test or mobile Thunkable Live. Thanks!

I tested it again now, and it’s working. I haven’t changed anything. They must have done it. THANK YOU!!!