Web API on Web Live Test generates an error with Firebase NodeJS endpoint

I’m working with a Web_API component. My endpoint is a NodeJS function on firebase that I created. Right now, it does a whole lot of nothing:

exports.MyFirstHTTPSListener = functions.https.onRequest((req,res) => {
res.status(200).json({message:‘it worked’});

The function works as expected in a Chrome Browser on Windows 10

It also works on Android Live Test

It does not work on Web Live Test or preview.

blocks are pretty straightfoward

Is this a know or expected behavior? project Link here: Thunkable

It seems to be a recurring issue

Thanks @muneer

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Dealing with the same issue now

There are quite a few APIs that only work on a mobile device, not when previewed in a browser.

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Check out this thread which has a solution if it is your site… Create Your Own Web API Service Using Firebase Functions and NodeJS!