Introducing Thunkable for iOS (Sep 13) (No whitelist, drag and drop, download, navigators . . . )

Hey Thunkers,

On the heels of Apple’s big product announcements yesterday, we are excited to present Thunkable for iOS.

Thunkable for iOS is built completely new from the ground up on modern infrastructure that should allow users not only to build their best apps for iOS but (hopefully!) soon, for both iOS and Android simultaneously.

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What’s new?
We have removed the whitelist, added a slew of new features including drag and drop, download to phone, navigators, listview, local storage and more. We know all the features aren’t there yet and we will be adding more and more each week. We’re building as fast as we can. On deck is the ability to publish to the App Store on deck and more components to help you build your favorite app.

If you have any components or other features you’d like to see, please reply here and describe the kind of app you want to build. We’ll try to do our best.

Please also let us know if you are having issues here in the forum. We created this section #discuss:ios specifically for your questions.

Welcome to iOS!

ps. we posted all the pictures from our launch on our instragram, so check it out if you haven’t done so already! Specifically check out our post “Anatomy of a startup product launch” - it will give you a good sense of how our morning went:)


“iOS and Android simultaneously” - fantastic!

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Amazing!!! :+1:
All my best wishes to you! :blush:

It was a really wanted platform, the ability to create iOS app without coding; and you have reached it! Thanks for all :smile:


Amazing thank you

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The news is great,
So let me wish you congrats for it.
And, thanks for one more amazing platform to build apps easily and fast.

Keep aiming higher. Sky is the limit. :+1:

great!i find the web viewer,please add the web component.

Hi Guys

Thanks for the hard work!!
And looking out for features, and to build amazing apps.

Regards, Dinto

That’s amazing… I’m really happy!

But when i read this i’m afraid…
“Thunkable is completely free to use but it may not last forever -”

Tax on Admobs will not be enough?
I hope this will not be something to pay every months…

Thanks for your feedback and apologies for the confusion. I’ve modified the language on our FAQs but Thunkable is free – and we’ll always try to maintain a free version. We may charge for additional features in the future.


Thanks for your answer!

Another question:
What do you mean with:
“There is currently a limit of one downloaded app per phone.”

If i build 2 differents app, only one at the same Time can be on my iPhone?

Hello~ This is very Good~


Great. Thank you

Correct. We are looking to increase this (currently a technical limitation) – and are also looking to launch Publish very soon so you can bring your apps to the App Store

Albert @ Thunkable

Awesome Job… :slight_smile:
Do you plan to add more components like Canvas and Sound Player in the future so that we can build our android apps/games for IOS?
And do you also plan to add some monetize stuff like inApp Billing and Admob or something similar in the future?
Or is this not possible on IOS Devices?

A checkbox would be a nice component to have (for check lists for instance, which is what I am interested in working on).
Keep up the good work!

Yes - we are actively adding features over the next few months!


Hi ~ hope to have a Bluetooth function, thanks, refueling ~
You are the best!
I am Cliff from Taiwan.