Interstitial ads only showing once per session [Nov 2022]

@diaa.t.tamimi7if We are currently doing some testing for the fix for this. If that all goes well, the fix for this should be released in a few weeks.


Please understand that “in a few weeks” is not enough since we’ve been waiting since 22nd November 2022.

Please provide a specific timeline.

Kindly note that we’ve been paying for this waiting period.

If all testing goes as it should and we find no more issues, we are looking around January 17 for the fix to be released.

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This is likely going to be the week after the 17th now.

That’s good news. Thanks @conroy

Update: according to the support team, the fix shall be released around 17th Jan itself.

Looking forward to further updates.

when the fix come out do i need to update my app version for the fix to work?

Due to some testing issues, this is slated for release on Jan 24 now.

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Thanks for the update. Please keep us posted

hello any update ???

hello today is 24 jan any new about this bug ???

Not today, the review is not complete yet. I will let you know in a week if this will make it out for our next release.