Interstitial Ad load

last time when i update my app last year i think there was a load ad block now all i see is show add
i have a very bad show rate on my ads i got email from admob about it, so is the load ad no more ?
then how do i fix my show rate?

Hello @kizzy!

The show rate depends on many factors.
Unfortunately, the load ad block isn’t available at the moment, but we really appreciate your suggestion and we’ll pass it on to the team. We are always looking for new ways to improve Thunkable and make it even more user-friendly.

Could you share the email you received from AdMob? This way we could find the best solution for you.

i believed the problem was the load and show on the same same screen but since there is no load now i dont know when i update i would see if over a month or 2 i still have the same %

The email may have been a general email below is some of the import parts of the email my show rate is 2%

“Earn more with higher ad show rates
Learn how to increase ad show rates to unlock more revenue”
improving your show rate can result in a higher proportion of paid ad impressions which translates into higher revenue.
You have been specially selected to receive this email as we have identified opportunities to significantly improve your show rates and revenue.

Unlock new revenue with your biggest opportunities
Here are your biggest opportunities to increase show rates and unlock significant revenue.

Interstitial Ads - Unoptimized Ad Request Timing
Interstitial ad requests at bad timings can cause revenue loss.
Common reasons:
• Ad requests are initiated too early. E.g. ad request initiated at App Launch when it was intended to be displayed from the 4th to 5th page
• Ad request is initiated too close to display event. E.g. ad request is fired right before the page transition which is too late to wait for the ad response

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