International Women's Day!

Today, we wanted to take a minute to knowledge and appreciate all our female thunkers out there! Thank you for being part of our community and building all great apps you already have. Keep on #thunking!

We wanted to give a shoutout to @Bruger, our awesome female power thunker from Europe! Check out her fun shopping list app:)


Thank you @amrita. :blush:

Yes, I am a woman. :raising_hand:

I made this app last year simply because I wanted to learn about Speech recognizer, List, TinyDB and Firebase.

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Congratulations, @Bruger!!! I was planning to do something close to it here in Brazil, and your app gave me a good idea…

Nice to know @Kleyber_Derick. :relaxed: We can share some ideas if you want.

My app supports speech recognition in Portuguese (Brazil) as well, but not user interface. User interface is only in English.

In this version, the app does not work as I planned when I started working on it, there is room for improvement.

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Great, I’d love to. Let’s keep in touch!!

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