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Complimenti per il tutorial!!
Ciao ragazzi sono nuovo, non ho alcuna esperienza di programmazione, sto usando Thunkable per creare un nuovo tipo di social network che ho ideato, potreste darmi qualche consiglio? non riesco a trovare la funzione che mi cambia lingua dall’inglese all’italiano e all’inizio non mi fa scegliere se lavorare su iOS oppure Android, forse ho sbagliato qualcosa? Grazie per il vostro tempo

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(Translate: Hi everyone. I’m making a series of short tutorials on thunkable and firebase showing as an example, for educational purposes only, the implementation of a “mini” chat. the formula is in “pills” of a few minutes without frills but with all the necessary steps in clear.

Obviously if you like the formula and the topic, others will follow. for doubts, comments, requests, etc. you can use the same youtube channel or this community or the facebook group

it would be nice for aggregation, sharing, exchange, design and team development, to have a meeting point for Italian users

See you soon)

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Hey @luigi.vtl81tte :wave:

Welcome to the community!

This sounds like a great idea for a tutorial series - please post in #thunkable-tutorials when you are ready to share.

Also, if you are making YouTube videos, you might also be interested in joining our Video Creators group.

(thanks for the translation @zbk0612eip8w)