Inserting data into a formatted google sheet possibel?

Hello Guys

I am currently new to Thunkable and I am working on a time record app for employees.
I would like to store the recorded hours in a already formatted google sheet.
Is that possible to insert the data directly into the designated field?
For example if I record my time today (11.06.2023) this number should be automaticly be inserted in the google sheet on this exact date?

Sure. What have you tried? You can either create a row with that value or you can update an existing row.

Hi tatiang

I want to create a time record app for employees that works on multiple constructions.
I have to record each time individually for each employee on each constructions, since for example one employee can work on multiple constructions in one day.

Through a google sheet I loaded all the constructions and an employee can choose a construction and enter their worked hours on this specific construction and he can repete it as often until he finished all the inputs on each constructions.

Now the problem is, I am not sure how I can save each input to a construction with the entered hours corresponding to each employee and date, that it is cleary arranged in the google sheet.

Is it possible to enter values to different google sheets? For example each employee should enter their hours into a separate sheet.

If it’s that complicated, you may want to use something like Firebase. Firebase allows you to designate a bucket/path for each user. You can then enter as many new key:value pairs as you need for that user.

If you need it to be a Google Sheet, I would suggest posting a sample of your data so we can see how you expect it to be organized.

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