Infinity Browser 6.0 ( Full Update ) ( Everything Fixed )

Infinity Browser 6.0 ( Full Update ) ( Everything Fixed )

Created by me .
Please comment your feedback ,
If you want “Aia/Blocks Img” then comment , I will post it .
Download : Infinity Browser 6.0

If you have any suggestion , comment :grin:
Thank You . :relaxed: :blush: :smile:

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How were you able to add push notification

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Add Push Notification . then open and create account on [One Signal]( , and create a google firebase account ( [Google Firebase]( , submit your project name , change data base rule , click on project setting , copy your fire base cloud id and submit in one signal .

Fore more information please follow this video step - Follow This Video

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App is crashing every time.
Could you post aia file?

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I will post it

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I’m really interested in the ‘Update’ button. Could you please publish some screenshots of the blocks?

Thanks for that!!

G. Delgado

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Beta Web





Infinity Browser Blocks Img

Thank you!!

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I WILL POST IT … :smiley:

can u share the aia


share it

Please share the .aia file

Why need a browser app BATTERY TRACKING? The user can simply drop down that notification bar, and watch his battery ℅.

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HAHAHA… :point_up_2::joy: