Push notification without one signal account

Today i am going to share how we can send push notification without one signal account.
I have used only
Taifun Notification Extension

Thanks @Taifun for Wonder full extension https://puravidaapps.com/notification.php

1. Main app :


Blocks :

2. Admin app for sending notificaton:


Blocks :

Sample .Aia file: Notification_By_NICK.aia (11.4 KB)


The Problem about this is, that the Notification won’t arive, if the App is completely closed.
In this way, you will get Notifications, but not real PUSH-Notifications, wich will also work with the app closed,
not only minimized, beceause the OneSignal Service still runs in the Background.

Due to limitations of apps created using mit app inventor and it’s distribution not able to run in background.

You can use one signal.

I just provided alternative to it.

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How to make push notification that show when time’s up? like we have time set on 12:00 when the time is 12:00, it will send push notification on our apk