Anyone Please Review My New Browser Application

Download link Infinity Browser
Please comment your review
thank you :slight_smile:

Infinity 6.0 << Download here

You should not bother using LocalHost for users to download the app, just include the .apk file link in your post.

I like the UI of the app, but you are just using an inbuilt Google browser within the app, so people would just use normal Google Search instead, and use incognito mode to not save their search history.

You should try to develop your own style of browser that matches the UI of the app, and include it. Also, I’m not sure what the ‘Go Fast’ function does?

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I’ve never seen so much ads like in your app in my life. Every time a screen shows up, another ad pops out…


When posting about your app, please share an explanation of what your app does and share screenshots if possible - makes it easier for community members to take a look at your work!


The bottom tab takes lots of saoce,Go fast button is not working,in beta web only one side is showing., submit button in feedback not working.Loading screen looks good but i think there is no need of it.

Jerin Jacob

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thanks everyone , i will post blocks pics and aia file ,
"go fast " option ( clear cache and location )

feedback working , i receive 2 feedback , in my firebase

i will ad one new feature in browser

I will post update browser link and image .

Infinity Browser 6.0

Infinity Browser 10.0 ( Fully Update ) with More Features