Original (Un-touched) AIA file of OSO Browser is free now. Just download it and reshape on your need


Hi friends, I have decided to provide the raw (Un-touched) AIA file of the OSO BROWSER.

Why I am doing so?

The OSO BROWSER story begins back when I first discovered THUNKABLE while searching for an app development platform.

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with such a platform. I was calculating the possibilities of converting my ideas into reality.

I scoured the web to find a resource that could help me. This came with a set of challenges: proper planning, proper designing, set up the must/basic sections etc. were incredibly time-consuming and inefficient. There was no map to starting out…

I was searching for an external force to get momentum. If it was, it would have easily done the entire process. I suffered a lot and learned after that even for the basic things.

I wish I had some OSO BROWSER like aia file when I was starting out So that I shouldn’t have struggled for the most basic features. So that I can concentrate on some extra advanced features.

Currently, I am working on other beautiful projects. Maintaining an OSO BROWSER like app is quite a time-consuming. And that’s the reason for such a decision.

Initial work right after uploading the AIA file.

  1. (I did it already) Go to screen “browse” then click “blocks”. Go to “when browse initialize” Just enable the “version check”(in case you need force update facility of new update facility) and disable the “init” method

  2. Understand the “FireBase” components first. Then create the firebase account according and override your new credentials.

What should you keep in mind?

  1. Before exporting the app, please enable all the blocks in the “browse” screen for the proper working of the app. (Enable or disable of “when browse initialize” is your choice )

If you get helped by the AIA of OSO BROWSER please, help me to work out my plan “HELP THE NEEDY”. You may share the idea with your friends or do something for those poor people with the help of your friends/guardians/relatives according to you. (Download the app to know my idea in details)

For any query, you are always welcome.

Re-design, modify, add features according to you. and don’t forget to share your final app with me in this post.

OSO BROWSER AIA file : oso_browser.aia (1.1 MB)


Thanks for sharing this with us @OSO_Browser! :grinning:


the aia of these app is not dowanloading yar


For me it is.


can u post is again


No need to post again. The link works. Try with another browser and see what happens.


You are welcome