Inbox-style Google Sheets Data Viewer List

I would like to design an app that displays data from a Google Sheet in the form of an ever-growing inbox and have some problems. Forgive me if I can’t find the right vocabulary to describe the difficulties.

I have a Google Sheets database that is updated in real-time by a Thunkable App, and is expected to grow into thousands of rows. For example:


I am stuck with the following:

  • How can I configure a List Viewer or Data Viewer List to only display the 50 latest entries, so that the list doesn’t take forever to load when there are thousands of entries?
  • How can I allow the user to view the next 50 entries (51 - 100, 101 - 150, etc.) and have the app load the next 50 entries only when prompted?
  • How can I allow a user to change the data for any entry (even if it is not in the latest 50) and have the corresponding entry on Google Sheets update accordingly?
  • How can I create a function that allows the user to search for a specific entry by its “OrderNo.” (even if it is not in the latest 50)?

Thanks in advance.


My recommendation is to move to airtable for this if this app likely to be used by 1 business or multiple businesses.

Otherwise, I’d use Firebase and store the data under store ids. Then you can iterate through the data and create pagination.

Which one describes your app best?

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If Google sheet is a must, then create a filter in the sheet with the result displayed in another sheet and connect the DVL to the filtered results. This way you can simulate pagination.

You will need to update the filter through the update value block of Thunkable to get the next set of rows.

The other two inquiries becomes irrelevant if you use the filter option.

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