[In Progress] Text input box does not accept user input

Do you mean you can’t click it at all, or do you just have to click our of the Text_Input first and then click on the button?

i think its like there is a transparent column(or row) covering some area right above keyboard.
so i can see things but can’t click any of it unless dismiss keyboard.
(mostly in android)

Why after the update I can’t click on the button or input text when I’m writing a text?

same situation Can’t click text input while keyboard is visible for another text input

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Too much problem Thunkable!

Yes last 5 day everything been going wrong

@domhnallohanlon please help us

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the issue is on Android still


Hey @saramdl.gaunde021 @kizzy @mattia.guariglia ,

Can you share a sample app (i.e. a Minimum working example) that reproduces this behaviour so that we can test this out on our end.

Also, can you let us know if you are:

Live testing or Installing
Using Android or iOS


@saramdl.gaunde021 @kizzy @mattia.guariglia just wanted to ping you all again in relation to this issue.

It seems that @Eiji’s issue is very similar so I’m combining everything here to keep us organised. Can you take a look at the video above and let us know whether or not you are experiencing the same thing as Eiji since updating yesterday.

Please note Android users should be using companion v206 and iOS users are on v205


I have also noticed a similar problem with my text boxes (android only, I test on 8 and 9 with companion version 20601) since the recent updates. No obvious problem with iPad. Text boxes seem to have the text elevated to near the top so that only a few pixels show as a dot (see attached, notice the dot in the “Hours Meter” text box). The problem is with all my projects which have text boxes which are fixed height, <25 pixels. If i increase the absolute height to 30 pixels, part of the text can be seen, beginning in the middle of the text box.

Advanced–> Text Style–> Text Align Vertical setting to BOTTOM does not solve the problem, it still sits above half way. Text displayed fine previous to the update.

![Device info-Text input box|320x196]
iOS version:
Device info-Text input box

iPhone 9 has no problem, but iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Pro have this problem.

The app in question did not have this issue when it was released to the app store in February 2020.
However, in July 2020, some users have reported this issue since updating this application.

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After updating the app released in the app store last month (July 2020), there is a problem that I can not enter in the text input box.

This problem will be reproduced on my iPhone 7. Users also have this problem on iPhone 8 (my iPhone 9 has no this problem).

Since it is a paid application, we are in trouble because many users frequently make strong complaints.

Please give us advice and support so that we can solve this matter as soon as possible!!

Thank you.

Text input problem 2020-08-11 12.49.38

Hi @Eiji,

I thought I shared a screen recording with you, but I was never able to reproduce this behaviour on my device.

Can you let me know how to do this?


Just before uploading the app to the Apple Store, I had no problem downloading the app to the device and confirming the operation.
After that, the apps I uploaded to the Apple Store stopped working properly.