WebApp keyboard input works fine on iPhone but crashes my Andriod


My 9 year old daughter wrote a nice simple math challenge app in Thunkable - and I’ve published as a web app through a pro account I just set up.

It’s working fairly well (screen load times are a bit frustratingly slow) - but there is one bug I can’t solve.

When the app requires a free text input, on my wife’s iPhone the keyboard input works fine. But when on my Android device, as soon as I type a character on my keyboard the webapp crashes and takes me straight back to the home screen.

Here is a link to the published app: https://thunk.app/w/2c_qiEIxa

To navigate to the problem area, hit any Grade from home screen, then any challenge other than Bonds or Factors.

Any other comments to help make it perform better would be very welcome.

PS: my daughter loves Thunkable

For some reason it has started working now on my android device - so no need to respond to this.