[In Progress] Missing List Item Click and Swipe. Cannot Connect Airtable Data Source

I just submitted my app for iOS publishing :grimacing: some from Thunkable please help. Also unable to pick my properties

i think we all shall stop publishing apps from now on…
cuz thunkable is going under a hugge update

@thanos-x In airtable have you added anything?

Yes but I re-added the new base

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It works?

No same thing. I even deleted the old.

I confirm the option Click completely disappeared today.


For the data viewer grid component there are no options.

@Steven Can you tell us more?

@kushweez @thanos-x @aaminahmansuri59h @eko.devs.apploroceo @alleahyienbaqsy it looks like this might be an issue on our end - we’re actively working to root cause this and will have a fix out as soon as we can.

Will keep everyone posted here with our progress.


Much obliged @domhnallohanlon


This morning I am trying to connect a Data Viewer to an Airtable.

I verify there is data in the table:

But when I try to select a column for binding, it says to select a data source even though I have selected one.

I verified I CAN connect the data viewer to a local storage table.

I think this is a bug. Anyone else confirm?

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@Darren Please see here.

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Thanks @aaminahmansuri59h!

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Thanks @Darren - the first part of the fix was submitted 3 minutes ago, and is going through review at the moment.

Will keep you all updated with what’s happening - would expect that this will be completed later today.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

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Seems to be fixed a big thank you has all the team of Thunkable for their reactivity


exactly the same thing happens to me

@domhnallohanlon Any chance you guys could run some kind of STATUS form (like status.aws.amazon.com) to better communicate when there are major issues going on?


Hey, @domhnallohanlon I noticed that the data view only shows up to 10 items :grimacing: I noticed the live app shows only 10 records while the live test (on the computer) shows all. However the downloaded iOS mimics the live app and shows only 10 items. Has anyone else noticed this? How can we go around or is it under construction still ?

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I would love this and may lead to less repetitive form posts if there was a running log of know issues as recognized by the thunkable team.

Is this something that could happen @domhnallohanlon @Steve @wei

Although, clearly not necessary a lot of users appreciate knowing that you are aware and either working on it or not.


@domhnallohanlon What’s so hard about this request? Can we get a reply, please?

I believe this may have happened in the background recently per a post from @drted from @jane

We shall wait and see!