[In Progress] Does anyone have a problem accessing Thunkable?

I still have the same problem

Now also it is having problem

still having the problem

working for me now (srry for late post, i managed to have a break from job right now :relaxed:)

I still have the same problems

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It is happening for me again as well.


Anyone having issues with Thunkable Server Crashing???

Last night and tonight.

Sometimes I am able to connect but mostly crashing


Yes, this seems to be happening a lot to me as well, although I am in Australia.

There seems to be a lot of demand for Thunkable.

Happy Coding, Jacob

Me also! Thank god that im not the only one. I thought my app crashed for some sort of reason lol. Any Solutions? Thunkable Staff? @domhnallohanlon @jane

Also in australia

@jane @tatiang
Tagging you on this issue

See this: [In Progress] Does anyone have a problem accessing Thunkable? - #36 by skulamester

It has been a problem with the servers since the update from yesterday, but the team is working on it.

Even I am facing a problem with using it. I am from India. My project is displaying a blank screen.

Hi I have also getting the same :slight_smile:

Thunkable team member Paul is looking into this.

Please make future posts on this topic in this ongoing thread, so that it can be easily reviewed by the team.


same here.

If anyone is experiencing this behavior, we recommend not trying to open the project multiple times.
Make a duplicate of the project from the projects page if you can.
We’ll let you know when the fix for this behavior is published.


Thanks for letting me know. Was working on the project and started to happen strange bugs. Yesterday it was unstable, but today it is impossible to work, unfortunately. I will be waiting for further notices.

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I cannot make a copy of the project. The last realese was really a mess. If possible, rollback, please.


hi all.
just to let you know this also affects testing on web.

Thanks for the notice @jane

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