[In Progress] Does anyone have a problem accessing Thunkable?

Hey now its working earlier it was not anyways

thanks for your help

on thunkable?

Thanks @yash.sehgal.20391e (and @muneer) this was a DB issue earlier today - they’ve fixed the issue but the service still isn’t back up to 100% yet.

Correct. There are two things happening here - the speed at which the projects are being fetched from the database and whether or not the project gets displayed. We’re working on a fix for the second one at the moment.

Me too but when I refresh no promblem

oh ok Try this: Refresh the page

@domhnallohanlon ok…Though my question was that was the release frontend or backend :grinning:

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Fix it, thunkable

i have server issue too i hope this will be fixed soon

@Balanced_Kitchen @overturner @skulamester @mimostel @abhiram10 and @savequik @lukehoogenboom0i @zimat.bed9ut @10627025e84b @ninja_x

We just pushed a fix there - can you all do a hard refresh/clear cache and try again?



@domhnallohanlon No , it is not working . I did 5 hard refreshes.


Live test Hangs
Page refreshing automatically
Preview as responsive web app not working

I still have the same problem

Now also it is having problem

still having the problem

working for me now (srry for late post, i managed to have a break from job right now :relaxed:)

I still have the same problems

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It is happening for me again as well.


Anyone having issues with Thunkable Server Crashing???

Last night and tonight.

Sometimes I am able to connect but mostly crashing


Yes, this seems to be happening a lot to me as well, although I am in Australia.

There seems to be a lot of demand for Thunkable.

Happy Coding, Jacob

Me also! Thank god that im not the only one. I thought my app crashed for some sort of reason lol. Any Solutions? Thunkable Staff? @domhnallohanlon @jane

Also in australia

@jane @tatiang
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