iMRE | Beta | Pls suggest me more features for the app

Hi all Thunkers :busts_in_silhouette:

I am up with my another app…

called iMRE

Its an image recognition…

I will be giving the apk to test the app...
if any more features needed do tell me 

pls don’t copy the source code of app

Link to apps :link:

Apk for android :smile: : iMRE-v2-release.apk - Google Drive

steps to :inbox_tray: Download

go to the drive link…
and then press the apk download button
wait for some time till the time apk gets downloaded in ur phone…

Apk for iOS :smile: : in queue :frowning: … will upload in drive

pls help testing The app :pray:

If u feel of adding some improvements then do tell me :smiley:

:confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:Hope you all like the concept of my app :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:

hi I am facing some issues in thunkable iOS app download… i am pro user too…

i waited 2 mins nthing had happened

How does it work? What should a tester do to test it? What kind of things would you like users to try?

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i have stuffed few ai components in my app
i have tested on my redmi 5 it is wrking fine except the speech recognizer …
is it the same for you?

and also tell some features i can add to the app

test using a android apk for now

umm simple answer the app :stuck_out_tongue:

hi all i am facing some major issues with the speech recognizer after an update
on start it shall detect my voice but its seems to be ignoring it…
@domhnallohanlon can u help in this isuse?

hi all i am seeing some issues on one of the beta testers iphone pls help with it

Help with what?

You need to provide a link to your project or screenshots of your blocks as well as a detailed explanation of what the problem is. Which screen, which blocks, etc. seem to be the issue? What happens when you preview? What are the values of any green error blocks, etc.?

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here you go with the video

see it idk why tthis is happening

can someone hhelp me with this