iMRE | Beta | Pls suggest me more features for the app

Hi all Thunkers :busts_in_silhouette:

I am up with my another app…

called iMRE

Its an image recognition…

I will be giving the apk to test the app...
if any more features needed do tell me 

pls don’t copy the source code of app

Link to apps :link:

Apk for android :smile: : iMRE-v2-release.apk - Google Drive

steps to :inbox_tray: Download

go to the drive link…
and then press the apk download button
wait for some time till the time apk gets downloaded in ur phone…

Apk for iOS :smile: : in queue :frowning: … will upload in drive

pls help testing The app :pray:

If u feel of adding some improvements then do tell me :smiley:

:confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:Hope you all like the concept of my app :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:

hi I am facing some issues in thunkable iOS app download… i am pro user too…

i waited 2 mins nthing had happened

How does it work? What should a tester do to test it? What kind of things would you like users to try?

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i have stuffed few ai components in my app
i have tested on my redmi 5 it is wrking fine except the speech recognizer …
is it the same for you?

and also tell some features i can add to the app

test using a android apk for now

umm simple answer the app :stuck_out_tongue: