IMPORTANT Latest Android Release - Beta Features Graduating + Beta Platform Retiring (Oct 16)

Hey Thunkers,

Today, we are excited to announce that our beta features (AdMob and Push Notifications) are all grown up and graduating to our Thunkable for Android platform. A big thanks to all our users who thunked with two of our most popular features to date – they are now here to stay!

Since our beta platform has the exact same features as our Thunkable for Android platform, we are also sad (sniff) to announce that we are gently retiring our very beloved Thunkable for Android beta platform.

If you have any project(s) on the beta platform that you’d like to keep, we kindly ask you to please follow these instructions to move them over before then.

Fans of TextBoxes and CheckBoxes? We are also excited to announce that for you can now change the underline color for TextBox and Password TextBox and outline color for the CheckBox.

Finally, thanks for your patience with the Floating Action Button — we fixed the bug that was caused when users selected the “mini” version of the FAB.

Full release notes here
– and happy Monday from the team @ Thunkable



Thanks for this awesome update!

Since the ‘Experimental’ tab is full of features that are staying, maybe we could rename it to ‘Advanced Features’ or something like that.

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very good,thank you,hope to add the togger component.

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This app may be useful for someone like me, I like to customize my android to the max and frequently change my setups. I really look for icon packs, launchers all the time.

I saw the update and all I can say is

Thank you for making Thunkable for android awesome

Nice news !

How to get rounded checkboxes?

Good work. Thanks for your hard working. I hope next exciting update will be about list view.

Hi there. I believe that the rounded checkboxes are native to Samsung phones – this may not be the only case though!

Albert @ Thunkable

thanks for that
and one thing we need is developing the spreadsheets
1 - the upload doesn’t support some characters but we can over come that but what about not supporting a whole language like Arabic ??? and it supports retrieving data in arabic with no problems so what ?!!!
how it could support retrieving arabic and not supporting uploading arabic ?
2 - it needs something like queries to manage data by certain criteria , not by the row number .

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Please take a look at this when & if possible… thanks…
sorry for the “double” post, if inappropriate please delete this one… :slight_smile:

Please see this:

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Thanks for your hard work. Keep up making a good job.