Image to Base64 encoded string new component

I just tested the newly added component in the Camera and Media drawer.

I gave it a URL to test what will happen if the image is not part of the project assets. The process is slow but it works. I was able to use the API I built to save the image in Google drive and it worked successfully.

Thank you Thunkable team.


if a process is slow i make a button and a loading icon to the same place and when the button is pressed i make the button invisible and the loading icon visible.

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I’m here giving a feedback and not asking for a solution for the speed.

In this experiment you need to consider 2 actions that are time consuming by nature.

  • Retrieving the image from a remote location (internet URL)
  • Converting the image from its current form to a long Base64 encoded string.

However, it is nice to have this feature which can open more doors of how to manipulate images.

I’m curious what that then allows you to do that wasn’t possible (or as easy) without Base64 encoding?


I prefer using Firebase for its speed and simplicity and up until this functionality, you will have to store your data in Firebase and store your images in Cloudinary if you don’t want to use APIs to push the images in a different cloud.

Now that this option is available, you can store the image as a Base64 string in Firebase as easy as storing any other variable. This allows me to get rid of the Media DB connector and gives the freedom of saving the images in a single Datastore along with app data.

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okay :worried:

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