Image to Base64 conversion block

I’d like to see the return of this block:


It was mentioned three years ago by a customer here: Image to Base64 encoded string new component

And then two years ago by staff here: Save user images locally · Issue #1105 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub


@muneer pointed out here that you can take an image of the canvas and it is automatically formatted in base64:


I can confirm that this works. So the code is there… it just needs to be made into a block that accepts an image input.

Thank you for flagging this. That block was removed earlier this year due in large part to performance issues with the block itself. There has not been any further discussion since the block was removed about bringing it back.

This brings up a larger issue that I’ll address because we owe it to you and the Community as a whole: there is a disconnect between our Community and product decisions. We recognize that. One of my goals for this coming year to bridge that gap. I’m not sure how that exactly looks yet but we know the Community is deserving of having some influence over product decisions and understanding our roadmap for future plans.

I’m always open to chatting with you about this more to get your feedback and ideas.


Thanks, Matt! I appreciate the transparency there. I did read that there were some performance issues with the conversion… it just hard when issues were brought up several years ago and there’s discussion among us users about it over the years without much input from staff. It would be great to have a roadmap!

Happy holidays to all of you at Thunkable!

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