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Image Recognizer

Image Recognizer quickly recognizes the image by taking picture or by selecting from your photo gallery. It explains what is the image all about.



  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) of Image Recognizer helps you to find everything about your image
  • Very fast and simple
  • It creates tags to make things more simpler to understand
  • You can directly search more about the image on Google, Wikipedia & Youtube
  • One click copy text feature
  • And much more…

Download Link: CLICK HERE

Special Thanks to

  • Thunkable Platform
  • @Taifun for Clipboard extension
  • @Helios for Dialogs extension

Please download and share your suggestions and let me know if anything can be improved. Cheers!!


Thank you for your reply.

Attached file will run without problems with live testing, but in package they will kill when opening an application.
Please check attachment and let me know what is the problem.
Image recongnizer.aia (1.6 MB)

Most probably the app is crashing due to simultaneously background work of hiding system UI and posting images to Image recogniser component which the phone cannot handle at same time. Also Checkout the description for Taifun’s PathToAssets tool that works only with webviewer component. Though I have not used this tool but this may also be the reason for app crashing that you have used with Image Recogniser component.

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Thanks for testing app.
According to you what could be the solution? :slight_smile:

According to me don’t post images on initializing the screen for image recognition. This process should be done manually by the user because only one image should be posted at a time for image recognizer component.

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Thanks for your solution. I’ll definitely work on this. :slight_smile:

If you have a solution method, will you specifically tell me where to fix the attached aia?

thank you for using the clipboard extension
keep up the good work