Image quality buttons

Hi wonder if anyone can help me I am using images chosen by user from camera function and photo library as background image for a large button but the images are all displayed in very poor quality blurry and pixelated. Anyone any ideas ? Thanks in advance.

Image component ?

Hi, I use the button rather than image component because I want to give user the option to touch the image to make changes. Also to give a round border shape. The same images display fine when used as background image on screen 1. Just on the button they are poor quality.

I know the radius is changeable on image component. But I don’t think the layout possibilities will allow me to place a large transparent button directly over an image component to make changes.

See this project

Thanks for that. yOU VE given me a few ideas. the problem is all my functions really need to work around one screen with changing arrangements. Also the images are not files imported but direct from app camera function.
appreciate your time!