Image on WebViewer don't display

Some one can help me?



I try everything…

Are you using Thunkable Classic or Thunkable X? It doesn’t look like Thunkable X.

You’re trying to view a file located on your computer (file://…) which isn’t possible with a Web Viewer. You also have three slash marks in a row (///) after file: but that’s not the main problem.

You need to host the image on a website and then refer to its web URL.

From the documentation:

  • URL: Enter in the link to the website or an image. The URL must include https:// or http://.

Edit: on second pass, it looks like you are using html instead of a web-hosted file… so maybe that’s the correct way to do it? But you still have three slashes in a row which is going to cause problems. Change the second line of your join block from /storage/emulated… to storage/emulated…

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