Image not resizing

Hello everyone,
I was making an image resizer in which I use the resize image block.
But I don’t get the output
How this app works- So, the user has to first upload an image and then enter the height and width using a slider
and at the end the user gets the resized image.
Error- Image doesn’t resizes.

Without screenshots or a link to your project, it’s really hard to know what you did wrong and how to fix it.

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1st Screen- user uploads a picture

2nd screen- user enter the height and width of the image by a slider

3rd screen- resized image is been displayed

What happens if you replace the width and height variables in the resize image block with integer values as a test?

What happens if you set a label’s text to the green error block? What does the label show?

What are your slider min/max values? By default, they are 0 and 100.

still does not get resized

there is no error being displayed

minimum is 0 and maximum is 100

Okay, so this has nothing to do with sliders. You simply can’t get the resize image block to work at all. I don’t know if the quality can be 1000 or not but something’s causing the block to not work. Maybe it’s the app variable image that’s the problem. I know you’re just transferring the value from an image component that stores the image from the photo library but you may have to rule that out as well. Just guessing really…

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