Image not loading in the apk

hey all I have recently made an app, but there is a problem that there is a youtube icon image that’s not showing in the apk can someone help me

I’m not sure why that is but it’s not legal to use a copyrighted image in your app. I would suggest replacing it with something else.


Not exactly related: I’ve looked at places like icons8 and flaticons, but when it comes to talking about images, any ideas on where I can get some copyright-free ones?
(if this is out of the topic, then I’ll delete it)

Do you know the solution to my problem

I will change it

See this: Images not showing up on Android devices - #22 by jane


thats not an issue at all… can be some bug?
and i have used copyright images in my apps too nothing happen

There’s nothing that prevents you from using a copyrighted image. Except the law.

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only when u publish app i think

There is a known issue with Android that once you add an image to the project asset you cannot change the name.

If you did, just remove the image from the project asset and add it again with the correct file name and this will fix the issue.

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even the canvas images don’t load
and the images are not copyrighted

This bug has been fixed, but there is still a bug: canvas not showing up when a Data Viewer is on the previous screen.