Im having an issue with Live Tester on the application I am creating, which keeps crashing

I am working on a school project for DesignTech and I have to create a mobile application for it. Whenever I move to the Profile and Home pages on my app, the LiveTester on my PC and on my Phone (iOS 12.4.6). I think it may be due to the event that I am triggering to change the labels to a specific value that I am drawing from RealtimeDB. I have posted the code down below for the 1)Home 2)Profile and 3)Job1 page (the page which sends in the data to RealtimeDB). Can someone please help me figure out why LiveTest is crashing/going blank or how can I prevent this issue from occurring?

I worked it out by myself. I did it the long and hard way.

Heres the code if someone needs it. I used a lot of tutorials by No Code Apps with Darren which helped me a lot, so check him out