If you make an app private whats happen to any remixes


Does anybody know what happens to a remix of an app if the author makes the original app private?


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Others will not be able to remix it.

so if somebody created a remix before the original app went private they can still access it but they cannot change it anymore or does it disappear?

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Once you remix a project you actually get a copy of it at the time of the remix.

When the project is changed to private then no further remix can be done but who ever remixed it previously will continue to have a copy of the project as of that time. You can say “an old copy” of the project.

Remember, remixing does not synchronise the project, it merely takes a “snapshot” as of that time and make it available in the list of projects to those who mixed it. Whatever updates you do will not be reflected to them unless it is remixed again by the user.

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