If we add a custom image will it be previewed when app downloaded?

If we add a custom image will it be previewed when app downloaded ?

So if i add a image from my pc and upload as a background so later after i added it and downloaded that app the image is not coming ! So it is a very big issue, so if i replace it with a google link some random ones, so it will be previewing after downloading ?

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Make sure you assign the image.
As a background image

umm didn’t understand

ohh are you saying like after inserting image should i rename that file and assign it ? @lukehoogenboom0i

And say one thing if i add a link from google like this : random image
so would it work ?

You should see images when you download or live test the app. If you’re missing images on Android download, that’s a bug caused by renaming images. You’ll need to reupliad the images (already renamed) to work around it.


oh so can i reupload i am in free plan thunkable

Any image you add to your project as asset will be available with the downloaded app.

You can use the image file added to your project as the image for the screen or component or you can use any URL of an image and it will be loaded.

Google images may not work if used from a shared Google drive link.

not drive link normal image like this

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hey casaisky and muner pls can you reply to this : Make a variable bold and text normal weight and time italic
This is also mine

Yes, any URL that points directly to an image will do.

muneeer pls solve that one too