Bug whit images

hello i think i found a bug whit the images, i replaced an image of my project and uploaded a new one. did not worked anymore. but if i upload the same image whit another name it works again. But for my app i need a specific name for the images. is there any solution?

Make sure that two things in your app arew not named the same way, also if you have previously uploaded an image with the same name, it searches for the previous one

I replaced the old image whit a New One whit the same name, of course deleted the old one. Wont work :frowning:


I do not know why you need an image with a specific name, but the output can be the conversion of the image to base64 format (there are many services on the Internet to encode images into this format)…

This method is good because when using it there is no need to upload the image as assets into the project. It also allows you to locally dynamically upload images and work with them in text form, including sending by email, etc.

Use base64 encoded images

Thanks for reporting this, @Franz_Jonshon. We will investigate.

One thing that you might try, as a workaround, is to either delete all the data for the Thunkable live test app (if you know how to do that on your phone) or delete and reinstall the app. That should clear out any existing files associated with the app and allow you to proceed.