I want to remove a page after displaying it the first time

I just built my app and it’s a splash screen. Also I want to add a welcome message for people that just downloaded my app.
By saying thank you for Downloading my app on a New Page.

Please what function should I use.

This is what the work flow looks like

Splash Screen
Greetings Screen
Sign Up
Home page.

Then after this.
I want this to happen

Splash Screen


Home Page

What syntax can I use for this to happen

use a stored variable.
when the user signs in make the stored variable set to true.
when opening the splash screen check if the stored variable is = null then do nothing else navigate to the Home Page.


This is where am confused.
I only displayed a WebView sign up url on the signing page. So the app won’t be able to store the variable because it not readable on the platform.

How can I go about it.

Can you explain a bit more what you’re doing, @mopenergies532xf ? Your sign-in page is a web view of a page that lives somewhere on the internet? Is this related to your first question?

If you need your users to sign up on some webpage displayed in the Web viewer, and you have control of that webpage, you might want to have a look at this Thunkable extension, which allows the webviewer to pass messages back from a webpage. GitHub - thunkable/webviewer-extension: Communicate between the Thunkable Web Viewer and a website


Thanks for this information. In regards to your post. I have checked the link, and I saw how i can communicate between my app and my website. However I am a beginner, and am finding it hard to understand how to make this things work. While interpreting the link. All i can see is passing a message across from my web page to my app. However from the contribution @lukehoogenboom0i made i will have to my data with the app. So the application can log it and recognize this syntax.

So what i want to do is this. I want to connect my webpage app to my application so it can read the login data from my web page and the application will be able to skip the sign up page.

The question again.

I want to build an app that will skip first two pages after the splash screen is displayed.

The work flow will look like this.

This first Work flow will display for first time installer
Splash Screen ---------> Welcome page -------> Home Page.

then after the first opening
the app will behave like this
Splash screen -------> Home Page

Thanks for your contributions @catsarisky

I am not quite sure What you mean?

You have a web page to login in and want to send a message to your app to know the user is loggend in and send him to the home page.

And When the user opens the app to go to the home page if the user is loggend in? Right?

@lukehoognboom0i I feel, this is where you’re getting it wrong.
The website is completed entirely. All I just need is this.
I need an App that displays a Splash screen then goes to the next page that says
Thank you for downloading our app, this are new features on the app then it moves to the next page which have a webview embeded inside.
After the application have displayed this download page, i dont want my app to keep displaying the “Thank you for downloading our App” again. So it goes straight to the Page with a Webview. I feel this is well simplified. Thanks for your comments

Okay got it.
I’ll make a example for you later this day.

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Thanks for sharing your time with me.

I thhink something like this will do.
Screenshot 2021-07-12 11.29.23 AM

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