Disable welcome/policy page

Hi guy,

how to disable welcome or policy page after user click for first time? After that user does have to do it again.


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You could set a stored variable to true when the button agree is clicked on that screen, and then set up an if statement in the when “page opens” or when “page starts” block that checks if that stored variable is = to true.

if it is true → navigate to home

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if i can understand from your instruction, that would be like this?

It has to be a stored variable. Stored variables keep their value after the app is closed. App variables do not.

You can create a variable called firstRun and do “if firstRun=null” then set firstRun to false and navigate to screenToViewOnce, else navigate to normalScreen.

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something like this?

main screen is target screen after this frontpage screen.

I would take out the “navigate to frontpage” block. But maybe you have a reason for navigating to the same screen???

when test live it straight to go to main screen. it does not stop to frontpage screen.
is that mean working well?

I don’t know. I’m confused about how you want it to work. What is the expected behavior when someone launches the app for the first time? What is the expected behaviors when someone launches the app and it’s not the first time?

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it just pass frontpage screen, i am not able to click on button agree.

you have any similar block or screen you have created in previous project? probably you can share with me the block worked on your screen.

Yes, I do. But I can’t really help you without understanding what you want to happen.