[Solved] How do I create a guide page?

How can I create a guide page that opens once and closes when the app is first launched?

Use stored-variables. Defauld - false. True - first launched.

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I don’t know what to do specifically.
When the guide appears, save the specific variable value. This is possible.
And when I open the app again, can I check the value of the variable so that the page doesn’t come up at all, and the other page comes up instead?
How should I do this specifically?

When screen starts
     If stored variable = false
          set stored variable to true
          [Show guide page]
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Hi @mom7667yafy,

You can arrange for something to happen the first time a user opens your app and never again using stored variables.

Create a stored variable in your app. Call it returning .

When your app opens, check if returning is true.
If it is true, open your app as normally.
If it is not true, execute whatever you want to happen the first time a user visits your app.

In this example, the user is brought to a once-off screen when returning is not true. When returning is true, they are brought to a standard screen for returning users.

So the first time the app is opened:

  • returning doesn’t have a value yet
  • The app checks if returning is true - it isn’t
  • The app sets returning to true
  • The app navigates to First Time Screen

When the user opens the app again in the future:

  • returning is set to true
  • The app checks if returning is true - it is
  • The app navigates to Returning Screen

Navigating to different screens can be replaced with whatever you want to do with returning and first-time users.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.



Thank you.
Works fine.
Will screen1 be the splash screen?

After the test
How can I test again from the beginning?
How can I reinitialize and test?
To see the guide screen again

Hi there,

Screen1 isn’t the splash screen, it is the first screen of the app. In this case, it would probably be blank.
If you had extra splash screens in your app, you could use this if block when the splash screen’s timer fires.

For testing, you could add a button to your app to set ‘returning’ to false. Then you will be able to see the guide page again.

Thank you.

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