How to show a tutorial just one time in my app?

Hi guys. I’m a thunkable user and I wanna add one tutorial for the first time that the app will open. I wanna show how to use my app. Can you help me?

Hey @joeldacj,

There’s two parts to this question:

You need a stored variable to save when the app has been opened. On the initial load, when the app is opened for the first time, you should load your tutorial.

There’s probably a couple of ways to do this - probably the most straightforward would be to have s quick screenshot, or animated Gif, appear with a demonstration of how to use the app.

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By the way I think it’s called OnBoarding Animation in Material Design.
Refer to link below:

:wink: @joeldacj

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I’ll give it a try :wink: Seems like interesting topic @domhnallohanlon :thinking:

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Can confirm… definitely an interesting topic? :joy:

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Not sure if this will work for you, but one thing I do with my app is to check for the presence of a variable saved in local storage (I would have to check it in X, but in the classic thunkable, you can specify a “value if not found” that would default to whatever you need even before the first value is stored with its key, i.e. if the key does not exist. In X, perhaps you may have to check the returned value against the logical ‘null’).
Then, if the key is not found, your launch your first run tutorial AND set the key “seen_tutorial” to true in local storage. Next time the app is run, it will see that “seen_tutorial” is true and would skip showing again.

Just a word of advise: you may want to retain the possibility of showing the tutorial even after the first run, by having a button somewhere to run it whenever needed, because a user may want to review a bit that he forgot, or want to showcase it to a friend for instance. Reinstalling the app just to see that bit again would be an annoyance.

Now I can understand. Thank you so much.