[Solved] How do you get components to only show when someone first opens the app?


I would like some components of my app (like an alert) to only show the first time the user opens the downloaded app!

Does anyone know how I can go about doing this?

Please advise,
Hobi B

Use this code:



I will try that, thank you very, very much!
And I will update once I have tried, just in case anyone else has the same problem!

It didn’t work for me…
My one question is how would Thunkable know what “opened” means?

In what way did it not work? Do you have the alert set up? (Need to drag it onto the design view.)

The point is that the “first Open” variable gets set to /something/ when the app opens the first time, right after it checks the ‘if’ condition.

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I think I understand, I have some other parts of my code, so I think I have to change those around as well. I’ll keep working and update you guys! Thank you very much for your help so far!

Those blocks should work. The idea is that all variables are set to “null” (no value) unless initialized with a value. So when the app first runs on a device, the variable will be set to null. At that point, changing the value of the variable to anything will make it no longer be null. So the IF block won’t trigger ever again. You could set the value to literally anything… 1 or “alreadyRun” or “true”…


I get what you guys mean now! Thank you for helping me guys!

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