How to hide a screen?

So basically on the first screen, I have given a few instructions on how to log in to the app. And in the second screen is log in. The instruction screen should only be shown if the user is using the app for the first time, if the user uses the app for the second or 3rd time then few components of that app should hide. How to check this condition?

Use stored variabele to store if the user visits
For the first time

can you explain pls? or any video suggestions? or code on the same so i get an idea

i mean how to store is what im asking?


In the navigate statement put the name of your main screen


I think you may need to check if skip is null first?

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It is probably a good idea :grinning: but if it is NULL it won’t be “yes”

I’m sorry but I didn’t get you I mean how do I check if the user has logged in? I’m using the sign-in component

I’ve seen Thunkable crash enough times when something’s null that I’m paranoid about checking! :slight_smile:


didn’t get you?

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I couldn’t agree more


@thunkablest5dru hi its working for me thank you :hugs::+1:

hi hope this works from multiple devises like on my devise its working like if i start using this app from another devise will i be able to see the welcome screen ?

If you’re using the code above, stored variables are stored on the phone, so a different device (whether the same user or not) will not have the value set.

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ok mam thank you.