I need someone to host my ios App on there ios developer account

I need someone to host my ios App on their ios developer account
is there any service that does this?
would like to know

I think it may be against Apple’s TOS so I’d look into that first.


I can do this. drop me a PM.

Hi, @Mikas_3D! :wave:

If your app violated any critical regulation of apple’s, the person’s developer account might get suspended. So, It would be better if you roll out your app on your account only.

Thanks! :blush:

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My app doesn’t violate any regulation I really did not know it would have such a pain to get a developer account. Once again they turn down my payment. i need to put an ios app have people turning my existing android app into pdf which is so annoying saying it because its only on android

Thanks for offering Jared, but please don’t do this as you run the risk of having your own account suspended.

It doesn’t have anything to do with your app - it’s publishing third-party content that’s the issue here.