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We reviewed your app builder tools and we are interested to try your paid services, but I have a few questions first:

We are looking for a mobile app builder tool, to build apps for our smb clients.
I have the following questions before we move forward:

  1. Can we publish the apps that we build under our own Appstore & Google Play accounts?

  2. If we stop paying for the Thunkable service in the future, will our apps still work?

  3. Once we deploy an app to the app stores, how dependent is it in Thunkable’s system? Do we need to push updates to the appstores when you update your system?


Hey @fish098p, great questions! Welcome to the community and thanks for the queries!

This is usually against App Store rules and can result in blocked publishing. They need an account but you can use their credentials to publish to their App Store publisher account from your thubkable developer account.

Definitely! Once you publish, we would typically have 0 control over your apps functioning.

You only need to push an update when you’ve updated your project.

So for Appstore - we must publish the apps under Thunkable’s account?

Your Thunkable developer account is how you initiate the publishing process for all apps you’ve created with Thunkable. It’s also where you develop those apps. You login via

You typically can’t publish apps for others under your AppStore or google play account. I’m not sure under what circumstances you can publish someone else’s app under your account.

I think I didn’t explained myself properly.

We need to publish the apps under our own Appstore account and not under Thunkable’s app store account.

Is that doable with Thunkable?

I think my verbiage up there may have been unclear. When I say Thunkable developer account, I literally only am referencing the time you spend on Thunkables website. It has nothing to do with your Apple/Android publishing account.

You’ll need an Apple developer account to publish to the iOS App Store

You’ll need an Android developer account to publish to the Play store.

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