I need help with my "blind kids" app

so im making an app for blind kids.app uses a button to function(like if you want to go to x game you press 1 time if you want to go to y game you press 2 times and long press)and im making a question game.i tried to make a randomizer.it starts with making the question value a random number from the list(1,2,3,4)and I put some if’s like if its question number one play the first question etc. and when long pressed if question value is 1 and the button value is 2 it says right answer and gets that question number out of the list.and in the next question function(as yeni soru in pic)it makes the question value(sorudegeri)a random number from the list again and I put some if’s again (like if its question number one play the first question).BUT THE CODE WONT WORK PLEASE HELP ME IM GETTING CRAZY.

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First, please calm down… its not the end of the world. We’re here to help! Please reference our Community Guidelines.

Try to use this block :arrow_down:

You can make this block by clicking the settings icon, and building a block within the block :arrow_down:

so I tried this and the app just crashes now.

Can you send me a copy of your project? Thanks!

how do I send it?also im kinda not comfortable with it bc its my robotex project so can I just send the game?

Yes. You can send a link. Thats the only way I can help you in this situation. If you look at many topics here at the community, many helpers need a link to there project to help.

Even if you send a link to your project that is not a copy, we will not be able to edit it, and we would need to remix (copy) it.

However, if you’re not comfortable sharing the project, that’s fine, but there will be no way I can help you.

you can send @emlee703 the link via message if youre not comfortable sharing it here.

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just set the button height and width as “fill container” to cover the whole screen