I made a loading bar... I think it is easiest ha

Umm… I created by myself…
Link : https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5d39bc439729c2a1f13fbd81/ed023bff-4740-4bf4-bbc8-68973cbb9c8a/designer



Wow simplified Chinese.

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I think u should also get English translation from google translation of your chinese :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What?! Google Translate is the worst translation ever.

It would be better for you to learn english, as well as writing it here…

Why?! Do u prefer Yandex? It’s also good :smile:

Google translate has a bug before. I think you don’t know.
“So sad to see Hong Kong become China”
The Chinese translated…
很高興看到香港成為中國 as mean “sad”–> happy
PS (I’m not use simplified chinese mostly. I’m use Traditional Chinese usually

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I just ruins the expression, meaning of the sentence… Did u get it right on yandex?
on google, it’s still happy…

In Yandex, I didn’t, but many of the hongkongers were tried that was a mistake ( google

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This looks great :grinning:

Do you want to try making a loop for your code?
You could create a variable called ‘percentage’ and say:

while percentage < 100
change percentage by 5
set Row width to [ join [percentage, “%”]]
set Label text to [ join [percentage, “%”]]
wait 1 second

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