[Solved] Yandex translator is not working on every language

The Yandex translator is not working on every language, but not English. Specially the Chinese language is the biggest problem. Because it’s not working any way.

I have a translation from English into Chinese, and from Chinese into English.

Is it working correctly?

I create a sentence in English then translate this sentence in Chinese, then translate back to English and get the original phrase.

Can you translate this? "Ni hao"


Wow! so it means it’s working. Can you send me a small screenshot of the scratch coding you used to create it. And thank you!..


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Thank’s. For your help I will give you this code to activate a paid translator app for free. use it on 2018-08-27.
Search for talking phone app on google play and install it by using the code given below
it’s right up there
I developed that app. Thank you

Thank you!

I found something strange about this project you posted actech… if Ni Hao is Chinese, how come your project works when you have button one set to the source being in English and Target being Chinese?

I understand your question. My project is a simple demonstration, which buttons to be pressed at a time, first Button1.

Yes, and how come Button1 translates Ni Hao to English when it has Source as English and Target at Chinese? Isn’t this backwards? Try it the right way and it gives an error…

On my device does not have errors. “Ni hao” translated into characters and then these characters are translated back into the “Ni hao”

I’m not sure if you are understanding my question because it seems that you have not acknowledged that the source and target are switched in your project.

Below is a block that belongs to Button1. Source - English, target - Chinese. I click on the Button1 button, the blocks are executed and I can see the characters on Chinese. You have it work anyway?


click on the Button2 and see

Do you see that SourceLanguage is set to English. Ni hao is the the text to translate (the source). Ni hao is Chinese! So Button1 really translates from Chinese to Chinese then!

Shouldn’t the text to translate be “Hello”?

When I translate from English to Chinese, it gives parameter error.

Ni hao - it is sentence in English, the chineses characters - that’s what the translator has translated from the English “Ni hao” to the Chinese. If the translator can not translate the original string, it displays instead of translation the original string.

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I’m sorry brother. Ni hao is not sentence in English. There is no English Ni hao. What are you talking about?

Why are you still going on about this @hhuman? It translates latin (English) letters into Chinese characters.

Please provide some details about this error, i.e platform, OS, live testing or not.


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