Try my TRANSLATOR 2.0 App!

Hi all, my name is Gabe and i would really like if you checked out and/or stared my thunkable translator app 2.0. It can translate from English to any language and from any language back to English! It looks very professional and viewers find it very easy to use especially with my info page, where there are instructions and you can message me with a click of a button. I just want my app to have more popularity. here is the link to my project:

I hope you enjoy it, don’t forget to click the star button and/or message and send feedback!
Thank you thunkable community!

you have done spelling mistake in language Hinoi it is Hindi

Nice effort, but I can see a lot of errors:

1: Since Hindi is spelt Hinoi, the app crashes because it can’t find any language Hinoi. I presume you’ve used the blocks:
When List_Viewer1 item click
from translator1 set language to item.
The translator can’t find any language. So, first change Hinoi to Hindi, and also prepare the app for errors, by using an if error block.

2: When I type What is your name and set it to Telugu, it translates it to What is your name.

3: When I translate something to a language which has a script other than English letters, it doesn’t say anything in the text-to-speech even though my Audio is on in the app and my computer.

4: All your information in the info screen is placed in a text_input (that is not exactly good for UI), and that is quite hard to scroll. Secondly, since it is in an input, users can change the text. Go to your input’s properties, go to advanced, and scroll down.
It will probably look like this:

Set EDITABLE to false.

5: When the text-to-speech is saying anything, it is unrecognizable.
When I typed What is your name? and set it to Spanish, it said:
Kyu al ee es tuh nuhmbreh (spellings based on pronunciation).

Other than that, it is a great app.
Keep Thunking!


Thanks for the feedback! I’ve fixed the spelling mistakes and changed my text input into a label on screen three. Idk about the telugu problem though, if you type hello, it works just fine. I think that is a flaw in the yandex translator, not my app. The text to speech thing works fine for me though. I type hello in Chinese, and the symbols pop up in the second box and the translator says mee how, which is of course hello in mandarin Chinese. I’ve looked elsewhere in the community and other people have been having trouble with the text to speak in there apps to. it works fine on the downloaded versions of the app, and usually doesn’t work on previews. that is also a problem i can’t fix. For #5, i wish i could make the text to speech clarity better but i can’t with thunkable components. I will continue to search for solutions to these problems when i have the chance.

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Also, here is the “sound not playing in text to speech” topic. :point_down:

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