My first app beginner Complement

Hello, this is my first App, I watched the first modules and put all the themes on a single page interacting with each other, allowing continuous use.
Forgive me, for possible mistakes, I don’t speak English and use Google translator.


Nice try for a beginner.
although your English is not bad at all!

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that is an impressive app for a beginner. specially since it combines several components that aren’t used a lot: photo, image recognition, translation and text-to-speech, all in one! good job!


Great work @alzlima.andreo4v , nice use of multi-components!

Time to grow and build the app further or move on to the next project!

Do you have any big project ideas you have been thinking about?


i think you meant to praise @alzlima.andreo4v for the great work.

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yep :blush:

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Nice try, keep working !

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Hello, thanks for the words of support, know that they were essential to continue, I complemented the App with a like and dislike counter and a detail button that leads to another screen that uses the data obtained (image, description and translation) and allows you to comment.

now i think i can consider myself an aspiring app developer (not yet a long way).

Thanks for your time and tips.

Follow the link:

Thanks for the support, I will continue

Thanks for the observation, I tried to use the components integrating with the steps that were coming up, I am motivated and I have some ideas but I need to learn more to put them into practice.
I am thinking of Apps that can enable interaction without the need for physical contact.

Thank you, I tried to adjust the options as the demand arose, I am happy and motivated, I made a supplement of it with an accountant and with the option to save the data obtained with the description and translation and still allow a comment.

Thank you, and the English is not mine, it is from GOOGLE TRANSLATER.

Hello Jared, could you help me?
I need an orientation, finish the first module of the course and I can’t access the 2nd module, is there any step to fulfill?
I take advantage of and send you the link to the 1st App with all the features, I would like to acquire more knowledge to use the database with the information generated and also use images from the web to facilitate the search and understanding by the disabled.
Thank you in advance for your support.

Hi @alzlima.andreo4v, I’m not sure if/when the second module comes out. @domhnallohanlon may have more input related to this.

These sound like good goals. Tell me more about what you would like to do with data. What do you want to store/recall?

What images do you want? Do you want the app to automatically produce images?

The idea is to allow my 1st App to not only generate images, but to search Google, to make the description and translate it into the selected language, it should also work with accessibility, I think it could help the visually impaired, so I would like to complete the course as soon as possible.
Grateful for the support and guidance.

maybe i missed something. You app already does this

do you want native accessibility to read this instead of the digital voice assistant?

The objective would be to provide the disabled with an option to capture an image through the camera, or access from a WhatsApp type source or a Google search, the App describes and translates it into the native language, this is the final idea, but I need to get knowledge.
I wanted to take advantage of the quarantine period to learn and develop.

ahh! I see. very cool! hmm. the question would be how to bring in a photo from an outside app. I think right now, the user would need to save the photo to the hone, and then call the photo from within the app via the photo library
Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 11.20.23 PM

seems like that’s the missing piece. then styling. i wonder what the rating system is also? each user can just continuously change the rating and it’s not tied to any 1 specific picture.