I´m Jorge from Portugal

Hello, i want to build educational apps to teach students.

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Olá @Jorge_Brandao você é professor ou aluno?

Welcome to the community! :open_hands:

Hello, i´m teacher (i have 600 it students).

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What a great idea, what is the goal:
Presented the article?
Offer tasks?
Open discussion forum? :clap: :clap:

i have seen a cool classroom app using qr scanners to keep students involved.

Basically each student gets 4 unique QR codes 6" X 6"
each student gets a card representing ‘student A, answer A’, ‘student A, answer B’ , ‘student A, answer C’ , ‘student A, answer D’

one set for each student

then, teacher sits in front of the class with a tablet. on the tablet there is an app that looks for QR codes.

teacher first says “hey app, i am looking for the first person to answer A. (via button click) whoever you see with the correct QR code first, assign points”

this is known as Active Student Responding or ASR’s and are a teaching technology supported through research in Applied Behavior Analysis. It is designed to keep students engaged and get more students to respond more often

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Very good idea. Thks.