I got a blank blue editor screen. Any ideas?

Yesterday I shared my project with someone because he is helping me with a problem.
After sharing my app, when I went back to the editor screen, I got a blank blue screen.

Both screens that I had created are like this.
Today I updated my browser (Google Chrome, because it was asking for it.)
I closed everything and restarted my computer because it also had updated things.
After everything was rebooted and working, in the Thunkable editor I still get a blank blue screen.
Does anyone have any idea what is going on?
What I understand from the one who is helping me, he has a normal screen.
If I run the web preview, I can see everything that should be visible in the app.
But as soon as I go back to the editor, its empty/blank/blue again.

The following makes it more confusing.
Just as a test, I opened the browser on my laptop (also Google Chrome, with all the latest updates for the browser and computer) and everything looks okay.
Why on my computer it is not working, but it is working on my laptop?
They are both fully up-to-date and both have been rebooted.

For some reason, I suddenly was thinking of maybe clearing my browser cache.
After that, things looked okay again.

That something like that small and stupid could cause this.

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