I can't see what I code in the preview

After I finished my code I tried to look out the project but It just doesn’t work it show me just a blank page. What should I do?

Are you previewing this in a browser or on a mobile device?

A white screen usually means you’ve done something wrong with your code.

Can you post a link to your project?

Both of them. Either I’m trying to do a live test in my computer or mobile device it’s really confusing 1s I’m sure my coding part is true. Anyway here’s the link to my project Thunkable

Which screen does it crash/white screen on?

The second one also I don’t see all the features that were shown in a tuto I watched how?

You probably watched an outdated tutorial. Was it a built-in tutorial or something on YouTube?

Many older videos are based on the Snap to Place interface but you’re probably using the newer Drag and Drop interface. When you create a new project, you’re given a choice.

It was on Youtub and it’s about creating a log in sreen

It was StP, I checked it @tatiang

where is the tutorial, @bright.future.teamcb?