I am having trouble receiving data from Firebase and displaying the data on a label

So this is my code for the place where you add the profiles (data):

And this is the place where you see the data:

This is the page where the data come from:

Thanks! If you want more info just ask and I will respond asap!


Try this way!

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It says this [object Object]
This is what I did:

change the lower blocks of position


Like this?

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Hey @blast24blast46ydf, welcome to the Community :wave:

[object Object] appears because you’re trying to display an object with children (objects in objects). You must use the get property of object block as shown by @KirkVanHouten.

Also, your key does not contain a forward slash to indicate a path in the Firebase Database.
You must join a “/” (forward-slash) between users & app Profile. Your Join block would look like this:
Also note that I’ve used the on screenName Opens block. This means every time the screen opens your code will execute. on Screen Starts may pose an issue.

The if value != null statement shouldn’t be necessary as a user should not be able to access their profile page without an account anyway, though if you wish to have this fail safe you may.

You should have an if statement that checks if it’s not an error, and that should look like this:
Check out this post for great information on using objects in your app.

You appear to be saving data correctly, so that shouldn’t be an issue. When testing if your app works with your database, have the database web portal open in another tab and check it when you change data to see if everything works as should.

I think I’ve covered a few tiny problems there, hopefully I haven’t missed anything :slight_smile:

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Hay @eoinparkinson thanks for the response!
This is what I did:

But it shows undifined

Can you show a picture of your database which is populated with some example data so I can understand the structure.


If you don’t mind, can you share a project link. This can be via DM in the Community to myself if you wish. Thanks.

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I sent the link!

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Just got it there, let me take a look.

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@eoinparkinson Were you able to have a look?

Is this it?

I have the same issue! :sweat_smile:

@blast24blast46ydf is that working for you now?

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