Hyperlink in the middle of a label

Is it possible to have a hyperlink in the middle of a label’s text?

Such as

Set label text to [join [“some text”],[hyperlink[”hyperlink text”]],[“more text]]

Idk if I wrote that properly, but hopefully people will understand what I mean.

I’d build it in paint but I’m not able atm.

Thanks everyone

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I can’t think of a way to do that. You’d need something like this React Native (which Thunkable is based on) extension: react-native-hyperlink - npm

But there’s no way for us as users to install extensions in Thunkable.

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Send a picture, maybe someone can suggest a walkaround in that specific case!

Hello @overshield
I believe the best way to accomplish this is to include three labels within a row and an action in the second that opens the link. Check out the screenshots to get a better understanding.

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Ya this was the only way I could come up with. I really don’t want to do it this way bc I update this info from the cloud. Which means I need 3 objects to call from if I change it. Bc not just the link would change but also the 2 surrounding texts

@overshield okay, I understand. The way to impliment that is using webviewer. On the webviewer you will pass the text as message and on that webpage you will show this text.

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Add a button and change the properties of it to look like a label. In the button click event add the open link component to open your Hyperlink.

Another way is to have a row component with 3 labels in it and the middle label has the color set to blue while the other 2 to black.

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I try to avoid the label button options because they don’t line up vertically the same usually. And if I make the “normal text” + the link buttons, then the “normal text” is clickable as well. I’d have to make it 3 labels and just let the link label be clickable

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Maybe you can use a label and use “labelOnClick” do open link…Hopefully that works and you can line up the labels properly and create a hyperlink.

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